ESA Student Sponsorship

As part of the ESA Conference Opportunities for Sponsored Students (ECOSS) Programme, the ESA Education Office is pleased to be able to offer sponsorship to European students interested in attending Space Propulsion 2012. Highly qualified full-time students from ESA Member or Cooperating States are encouraged to apply for ESA Sponsorship.

Students selected by ESA's Education Office will be reimbursed their conference registration fee and up to a maximum of 300€ in travel and accommodation expenses. Sponsorship will be in the form of a single reimbursement after the conference.

Before applying students must visit the conferences page of the ESA Education Portaland:

Check their eligibility for the programme under the "Sponsorship Conditions".
Familiarize themselves with the content of the "How to Apply".

To apply, please visit ESA Education registration system:

The deadline for sponsorship applications is April 9th 2012.